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Get hooked on Moccis!

It's a slipper, it's a sock, NO... It's a Moccis!

Moccis® (pronounced Mock-Keys) are the first and only luxury hand sewn Swedish moccasins to bring fashion, function, and fun to indoor footwear worldwide.

Our clients include A-list celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Rita Ora, Sienna Miller, Claudia Schiffer, Jamie Oliver and many more.

We’ve developed a unique 10-Step Secret System, to ensure that every pair of Moccis® pampers and protects your feet like no other.

From the MTV Music Awards goodie bags to major media outlets such as Capital FM, The Huffington Post, Heat Magazine, The Independent, etc…. everyone is raving about Moccis… and so will you!

So what are you waiting for?

Chose your favourite Moccis and order now before they are gone by calling us on +44 (0) 333 577 7500 or ordering online!

Unlike socks and slippers, which can damage your feet, Moccis® are podiatrist recommended and feature:

  • Machine washable leather and non-slip soles to help prevent slipping and injury
  • An invisible support strap so that they don’t fall off or lose their shape
  • Stay-dry protection to keep feet warm, dry, and odor free
  • The highest quality luxury materials to softly caress and comfort your feet
  • Hand sewn stitching to provide durability so that they last
  • Limited collector designs by our creator and designer Anna Wetterlin
  • Ethically produced in Sweden to ensure the highest possible quality and keep our carbon footprint nice and small
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